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Located on level two of Golf Warehouse - Albany, Our Professional team at GoMotorised pride themselves in up-to-date knowledge and personalised service in all things motorised. Choosing a motorised trundler has never been easier. With the most comprehensive range on display in-store. GoMotorised Golf's Service Technicians can guide you easily through the selection process no matter where you are located in New Zealand. "Going motorised" is the first step to improving your golf and enjoyment of the game.

We service all types of push and electric trundlers. Visit us in Golf Warehouse Albany or simply call or email.

GoMotorised Golf - 0800 284 443

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Important notice: GoMotorised Golf will be closed on Saturday, 26.09.2020. Thank you for understanding. Trundler drops off any day during the week.

With GoMotorised you can be assured we guarantee the following:

Authorised Dealer
There are a number of motorised trundlers available on the market and it can become confusing, which one is right for me? Only an authorised dealer will give you the correct advice and solution for your motorised golf needs. Avoid buying from “fly by nighters” who are operating one day and gone the next, this can be a costly and time-consuming mistake. Avoid the mistake, phone or visit us today!


When purchasing a motorised trundler, make sure your trundler comes with an appropriate warranty. Investigate the seller and make sure they have the means and parts to fulfill their promises. Golf Warehouse offers full warranty’s on all their products and our qualified technicians onsite can assist with any services and repairs. 

When purchasing a Motocaddy trundler from us you get
- 2 years trundler warranty (3 years warranty for Motocaddy M-Tech) and
- 5 years warranty on Motocaddy batteries.
This includes two years of free service and maintenance.

Back up and Service
Secure the longevity of your trundler by making sure you get the backup and service you require. Be cautious, many people have purchased unbranded/unknown makes of trundlers and have been caught out and unable to source parts when a break down occurs. The general saying of “you get what you pay for” applies to motorised golf products. Make sure you purchase a known brand of trundlers such as Motocaddy, or Stewart Golf where spare parts and expert service is available. GoMotorised has qualified technicians onsite and parts readily available for any services and repair needs. 

Lead-acid batteries are no longer lasting the distance – we are finding that the new lead-acid batteries are needing to be replaced within two years of purchase. Lead-acid batteries are still very, very heavy and take hours to charge. The good news is there is a solution: Lithium batteries are the way of the future, a quarter of the weight, will outlive 4 to 5 lead-acid batteries, charge in half the time and they hold their charge after use - meaning you do not have to waste precious electricity keeping a lead-acid battery on charge. Make sure your next battery purchase is lithium and take advantage of the many benefits. We are specialists in lithium technology, batteries, and chargers with LiTech, Motocaddy, and Stewart Golf options available. 

Seek expert advice, call the team at GoMotorised, New Zealand’s only motorised trundler and battery service specialists. Our head technician Vlad has enormous experience in all things motorised and will help see you back on your way in no time at all..

Why wait? Make your good game a great game today. 

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