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Concourse Golf FAQs and Technical

What warranty does the Concourse Golf offer?
Concourse Golf has a comprehensive 12-month nationwide warranty on all new products, excluding free supplied promotional products.
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Where can I view Concourse Golf products in New Zealand?
Concourse Golf products are available in any Golf Warehouse shop in New Zealand. 
Smart Wheels
How do you charge the Batteries?
The batteries can be charged on or off the buggy or even in the carry case.
How long does it take to charge the batteries?
The Batteries will take 3 to 4 hours to charge.
How often do I need to charge the Batteries?
The batteries should be charged after each use, regardless of how many holes you have played.
Can I leave the batteries on charge or do I need to remove them when they are fully charged?
The Batteries should be left on charge at all times, while the wheels are not in use.
How often should I charge the Remote?
The remote should be charged with the wheels after every round of golf.
How do I update the technology?
Online, via your computer.
What is the expected battery life?
The Smart Wheel Batteries will have the same life expectancy as existing golf buggy (lithium batteries) and this is directly determined by the number of times a week you play and how many times the batteries are recharged.
Are there various speeds settings available on the remote?
There are 5 forward speed settings on the remote and 1 reverse speed.
Are the Smart Wheels waterproof?
Our Wheels are totally sealed with no exposed wiring as the electronics are situated higher from the ground than most electronics on traditional electric golf buggies. The motors are far more water resistant that a traditional electric golf buggy motor. The wheels are not designed to be fully submerged in water, they are fully water resistant designed for normal operating use and conditions.
Will the Smart Wheels work on my buggy, even though I have a xed front wheel?
Yes, the Smart Wheels will work with buggies that do not have a rotating front wheel. These Smart Wheels are programmed for a softer turn – meaning that for buggies that have a xed front wheel, they turn on a slightly wider arc.
Does anything need to be disengaged to freewheel (push or pull by hand)?
Yes, there is a freewheeling mode which is easily activated by a simple push on the centre release button.
Do the Smart Wheels have Downhill Braking?
Yes, the Smart Wheels have built in Engine Braking which assists the operator on downhill slopes.
When parking on a slope, does pressing STOP on the remote engage a brake?
Yes the Smart Wheels have a park brake function. Please refer to the Operating Instructions for detailed information on the use of the Park Brake.
Do the Smart Wheels have an auto distance function?
The Smart Wheels have no auto distance function as there is no need with a remote control. To set the required distance, you just press the forward or reverse button until where you want it to stop.
Can the lithium batteries inside the Smart Wheels be replaced?
Yes, the lithium batteries inside each Smart Wheels are fully replaceable. Please contact Concourse Golf if you require your batteries to be replaced.
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