GoMotorised Golf provides all services your electric or push trundler needs. Starting from the basic maintenance to repairing any possible kind of failure.

We strongly recommend regular yearly maintenance of every electric golf trundler. It can prevent many failures and save you money and time. Knowing your trundler is always in the best possible condition gives you peace of mind and your only focus is on the game.

Become a member of the GoMotorised Golf Loyalty club and get 1 year of free service and maintenance for a registered trundler. GoMotorised Golf is on your service to provide you the best trundler care and to keep it in perfect condition and extend trundler life.


Motor service and replacement

We are always trying to give the best service and the best advice to our clients. In some cases, unfortunately, the motor has to be replaced. Sometimes because it is not possible to repair but sometimes because of practical reasons. Total repair costs can be above new motor price and motor replacement is the best solution. Why service the motor for the same price as a new one if Motocaddy gives you a warranty on a new motor?


Gearbox service and replacement

We have any gearbox you need. We can replace it while you are browsing our shop. Replacement can take 10-20 mins. If your gearbox is too noisy or maybe axle is broken visit us and in a few minutes your trundler will be back to the course.


Electrical problems

A most common problem you can have with trundler is intermittent on/off switch. Either you buy a new trundler or repair old one, we will always provide you the best advice on how to make it run perfectly and keep in good condition for a long period. Electrical problems go from on/off switch, wiring loom, circuit board, or even control box. If there are any of these problems they will be sorted out in a short period of time. 


Wheel service

Wheels' needs are serviced according to condition. In some cases, the wheel is not repairable and has to be replaced. Regular wheel service covers cleaning and lubricating all clutch parts and making sure they work in the best possible condition. Service will eliminate squeaks, blocking, and hard turning problems. 


Broken or bent frame. Problem with folding and unfolding

If your trundler has broken or bent frame parts you are in the right place. We have a frame part for you. Repair or replacement with the new or second-hand part it's your decision. Trundler will be back to fit in a short period of time.  


Battery and charger testing and repair

Golf is tough enough without thinking on your trundler and battery. Be sure your battery is not going to fail before you finish round. In case the battery has to be replaced and you buy a new battery from us there is no testing fee. Battery testing can take 2-3 days. In meanwhile we will give you a replacement battery for free.